Ideal place for doing business in Olomouc

We offer air-conditioned offices, production premises and laboratories in three buildings with total area of 5 591 sq meters. Furthermore, we offer coworking premises or virtual office. We choose our clients carefully. We are located in the industrial zone Olomouc-Šlechtitelů and in the heart of the University campus, where you can find science and research centers. We represent a prestigious business address for pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnological companies. Enjoy and profit from the university know-how and technologies.

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1884 sq meters


1794 sq meters

Production premises

356 sq meters


  Parking places

Providing registered office


Relax zone


Meeting and conference rooms




Your new services

  • Facilities, appliances, and know-how of the Palacký University in Olomouc;   
  • Excellent accessibility by public transportation as well as by car, free parking;
  • Meeting rooms;
  • Conference room for better renting price;
  • Service of representative reception (print, binding, tasty coffee, newspapers and refreshments);
  • 24/7 entry into the building, camera system, security;
  • Cleaning service;
  • Canteen.


Šlechtitelů 21, Olomouc
  • Industrial zone Olomouc – Šlechtitelů;
  • University campus (Faculty of Natural Science, university canteen);
  • BUS stop Šlechtitelů/Technologická 200 m;
  • Main railway station 3 km;
  • Shopping mall Galerie Šantovka (shops, post office, banks, exchange office) 3,3 km;
  • Exit to highway D1 (Prague-Brno-Ostrava) 4,2 km;
  • Historic downtown 4,9 km.

Building A

  • 8 multi-use premises (suitable as production premises or laboratories) with total area of 120 sq meters;
  • 3 production or laboratory premises (total area of 237 up to 282 sq meters);
  • Individual entrances;
  • Restrooms, showers.
Price of rent Basic price Tenants Tenants - Program Business Catapult
Offices, laboratories, production premises 110 – 282 sq meters 3800 CZK/sqm/year 1500 CZK/sqm/year 1100/1200/1300 CZK/sqm/year1)
1) advantageous price in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year for participants of the Program Business Catapult
Click on the image to see the floor plan

Building B

  • 19 offices sized 36 sq meters, 2 production premises sized 178 sq meters;
  • Providing registered office, virtual office, and coworking;
  • Relax zone, meeting and conference rooms;
  • Restrooms, showers, kitchenette.
Price of rent Basic price Tenants Tenants – Program Business Catapult
Offices 36 sqm 2000 CZK/sqm/year 2000 CZK/sqm/year 1000/1300/1600 CZK1)
Production premises 178 sqm 1500 CZK/sqm/year 1500 CZK/sqm/year 1500/1600/1700 CZK1)
Virtual office (providing registered office) 1000 CZK/month 500 CZK/month 500 CZK/month2)
1) advantageous price in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year for participants of the Program Business Catapult 2) for students, graduates and employees of the Palacký University first 6 months for free
Click on the image to see the floor plan

Building C

  • 26 offices sized 18 – 25 sqm;
  • 22 laboratories sized 25 sqm;
  • Hall for small manufacturing sized 162 sqm;
  • Restrooms, showers, kitchenette.
Price of rent Basic price Tenants Tenants – Program Business Catapult
Laboratories (1st+2nd floor) 3800 CZK/sqm/year 2200 CZK/sqm/year 1100/1450/1750 CZK1)
Offices (2nd floor) 3800 CZK/sqm/year 2000 CZK/sqm/year 1000/1300/1600 CZK1)
Offices with balcony (3rd floor) 3800 CZK/sqm/year 2300 CZK/sqm/year 2300 CZK/sqm/year
1) advantageous price in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year for participants of the Program Business Catapult
Click on the image to see the floor plan


  • Shared office with total area of 36 sqm
    (tenant has its own key and nonstop entry into the building 7 days per week);
  • coworking mini (coworking within the reception hours – workdays from 7:30 AM till - 4:30 PM);
  • virtual office for company seat or address for service;
  • relax zone, meeting and conference rooms, restrooms, showers, kitchenette.
Price of rent Basic price Tenants Tenants – Program Business Catapult
Shared office coworking 2500 CZK/month 1500 CZK/month/person 1500 CZK/month/person1)
Shared office coworking mini 300 CZK/month/person 300 CZK/month/person
Virtual office 1000 CZK/month 500 CZK/month 500 CZK/month1)
1) first 6 months for students, graduates and employees of the Palacky University for free

Rent a meeting/conference room

  • The capacity of the room is 40 persons (theatre layout), or 25 persons (classroom layout); layouts are flexible, all depends on our discussion;
  • Beverages for 25 persons free of charge, preparation of the room for your event included in the rent, optional catering, parking for visitors available;
  • technical support and equipment available;
  • we receive reservations even half a year ahead.
1st hour of the rent 600 CZK
additional hour 300 CZK
1/2 day (8 - 12 hours) 1 200 CZK
Entire day (8 -16 hours) 2 000 CZK
Beverages for more than 25 persons 30 CZK / person
Hostess 200 CZK / hour
Rent out of the office hours of our reception
(16:30 pm - 7:30 am) + Saturday + Sunday
30% extra charge

Your new supplementary services

  • Business consultations for start-ups and young entrepreneurs;
  • Program Business Catapult – advantageous price for office rent and consultations for startups;
  • ALL INCLUSIVE rent of the conference room (technical support, refreshments included in the rent);
  • Protection of intellectual property service;
  • Research, measurements and analysis for companies;
  • Appliances, and know-how of the Palacký University in Olomouc;
  • Innovative vouchers for companies;
  • 3D print center (paper, plastic, and metal 3D printing).

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Contact us

Palacky University in Olomouc
Science and Technology Park
Šlechtitelů 21, 783 71 Olomouc


Contact person: Bc. Karla Pustějovská
Telephone: 585 631 428
Email address:

Science and Technology Park of the Palacký University in Olomouc will open a new technology center and office building at the end of the 2018. This modern building will be located at Třída 17. listopadu 1131/8a in Olomouc. If interested, check the following website for more information

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logo Q7 Systems s.r.o.
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logo RESPORTICA s.r.o.
Machine translation: producers of regenerative gel
logo Sabo Mobile - GmbH
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logo Semi Servis
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logo SpatialComp s.r.o.
Machine translation: It is a young company founded by graduates UPOL dealing with geoinformation.
logo Spektakular s.r.o.
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logo STORMWARE, s.r.o.
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logo University Shields
Machine translation: University Hockey Team in Olomouc, working at the European University Hockey League, representing the Palacke University in Olomouc.
logo Ústav experimentální botaniky Akademie věd České republiky
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Former tenants

4MOL Intereractive CZ s.r.o.Český nanotechnologický klastr, družstvoMartin ZavadilTaranzo s.r.o.
7i Advisors s.r.o.DATAMIX Solutions s.r.o.METROSTAV a.s.Technologická laboratoř katedry organické chemie
Adam ĽuptákDSL Food s.r.o.NANOMAT s.r.o.Universitní knihkupectví s.r.o.
AgroBioChem s.r.o.Erba Lachema s.r.o.Onlinelektor.czVÚSH a.s.
BePositive s.r.o.Georgi IvanovPavel BokůvkaWebSeller s.r.o.
BioApex s.r.o.Institut psychologických služeb s.r.o.QinSHIP, o.s.Workswell s.r.o.
BioPatterns s.r.o.International Trading Spol. s.r.o.Radek DreslerZdravýPodnik, s.r.o.
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